Furniture Manufacturing Sustainability

Partner Spotlight: Associated Hardwoods, Inc.

A Shared Commitment to Sustainability 


As a furniture manufacturing company, we care how our business practices and finished products impact the environment. But if we were the sole link in the supply chain that prioritized sustainability, it wouldn’t matter how much we desire to be better stewards of Earth’s natural resources; it simply wouldn’t be achievable. 


That’s why we greatly value the partnership we have with companies like Associated Hardwoods, our wholesale lumber provider. Because they are equally committed to forest preservation and low carbon emission initiatives, EJ Victor is able to deliver the highest quality furniture while keeping our commitment to sustainability.  


Speaking to their mission, Associated Hardwoods points out, “Lumber companies are often seen as at odds with the environment, but our business and our livelihood directly depend on healthy, sustainable, thriving forests. That’s why we dedicate a large portion of our resources to promoting and protecting the growth of our forests and safeguarding our environment for future generations.” 



Greener Processes: Beyond the Forest 


Associated Hardwoods sources their lumber from the Appalachian Mountains, stretching the Eastern Seaboard from Georgia to New York. Their highly skilled procurement team is able to identify the hardiest forests to purchase, ensuring the best logs are turned into your favorite furniture pieces. 


But what truly sets Associated Hardwoods apart is what takes place after the logging. They’ve invested millions of dollars into state-of-the-art lumber processing equipment that maximizes yield and reduces waste compared to the industry’s traditional processes. And their expert craftsmen examine every board twice to verify the grade and quality. 


Their ultra-efficient, weight-based, computer-controlled kilns enable them to monitor the wood’s moisture content around the clock. With this knowledge, the drying process is gentle and slow, increasing the quality of the lumber. Long-term storage is always conducted in heated warehouses to prevent moisture reabsorption. And they use computer-controlled fan sheds for their high-end lumber to prevent weather damage from rain and sunlight.  



Driving Down Environmental Impact 


Even as the lumber is transported to the next stop in the supply chain, Associated Hardwoods keeps their environmental impact in mind. They have replaced their entire trucking fleet with lighter, more fuel efficient, all-aluminum flatbeds and set maximum speeds to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. To top it off, their trucks have a fuel injection system that reduces nitrogen-oxide emissions upward of 90%!  



The Green Standard in Forestry 


Associated Hardwoods is verified sustainable by Appalachian Hardwoods, which means that “lumber and products sourced from this region are growing 2.4 times the rate of harvest and mortality combined.” Essentially meaning, they are committed to forest regeneration and have a track record to prove it. 

Beyond this certification, Associated Hardwoods is also recognized by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Forest Stewardship Council, PEFC, and the US Forest Service, holding the highest standards in forestry possible.  


We are proud to partner with a business that has such a concerted devotion to ethical forest management. Because of their commitment, we are able to maintain the standard of our furniture pieces and ensure we are doing our part to decrease the furniture industry’s impact on our planet. 


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